lost customers

How many of your customers got lost last month?

In the new world of SaaS and subscription business models, closing a sale is now only the starting point for a customer journey that can generate revenue for many, many years.

But when customers aren’t successful, this customer journey is likely to end much sooner—sometimes within just a few months.

Customer journeys fail for literally hundreds of reasons. Inadequate onboarding and training. Key features that don’t work as promised. Poor tech support. Customer staff turnover. Lack of training for advanced features. You can try to “rescue” these lost customers with heroic last-minute efforts… but too often the customer has already decided that you can’t deliver a successful, high-value experience. End of conversation.

The Twin Peaks Research solution? We start by taking a comprehensive look at your whole customer journey, from initial acquisition to onboarding to long-term engagement. We help identify where you’re losing significant numbers of customers, and we recommend tactics--programs, metrics, organizational changes—that will help you achieve much higher levels of customer success and retention. Finally, we can design and implement customized programs based on your highest-priority needs.

If you’d like to learn more about our Customer Success Journey program, please contact Twin Peaks Research CEO Mark Flanagan for details.


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