The TPR Customer Success Priority Map

Chances are, you and your team have a long list of initiatives for improving customer success—and little consensus about where to begin. How do you decide where to invest your limited time and resources? How do you avoid ideas that may never pay off? Of course, setting priorities is always a tough challenge. But a good starting point is to tap into the collective knowledge of your own team members and customer success stakeholders. To help you with this process, Twin Peaks Research has developed a new service… The Customer Success Priority Map.

The concept is simple:

  • First, we poll your most knowledgeable managers and stakeholders to identify important CS initiatives that are currently under discussion in your company.
  • Then, using an online scoring system, we collect quantitative estimates from key participants on two critical variables—the likely impact of each major CS initiative, and the relative ease of implementation of each of these initiatives.
  • Using this data, we create a series of charts. These charts will give you the data you need to make priority decisions based on well-informed team consensus and a common frame of reference.

In addition to collecting this numeric mapping data, we also conduct in-depth interviews with each participant to identify other important issues and risk factors—for instance, possible project pitfalls and internal conflicts—that you may want to take into account with your priority decisions.

Finally, we deliver a draft report in PowerPoint format that combines the numeric map scores with highlights of stakeholder interviews (see sample page below): Onvoarding


Finally, we deliver a draft report in PowerPoint format that combines the numeric map scores with highlights of stakeholder:

  • Each initiative is displayed on its own map. You can easily visualize the level of consensus for individual initiatives, ranging from “low-hanging fruit” (high impact, low cost or difficulty) to “high risk” (low impact, high cost or difficulty).
  • You can nominate any 10-15 people as participants, who will provide map input and who will be available for one-on-one telephone interviews. (You can also choose whether their opinions will be anonymous or tagged with their names.)
  • You can develop your own list of initiatives for us to analyze, or we can ask your participants for open-ended suggestions.
  • To provide an independent perspective, all interviews will be conducted by an experienced TPR partner.
  • Rapid turnaround: Assuming that all interview participants are available, the finished report will take about two weeks to complete.


If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the Priority Map in greater detail, contact Mark Flanagan, TPR’s Founder/CEO, at; or, you can call him directly at 508.922.7605.