TPR Leaky Bucket Analysis

Leaky Bucket

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Like a leaky bucket, your SaaS customers are constantly trickling away. Some may depart almost immediately, while others gradually lose interest in your company, or adopt competing solutions, or fail to replace employees with essential product training. Whatever the reason, these drop-by-drop customer losses will add up to attrition that you’ll have to replace—or else your “leaky bucket” of revenue will eventually dry up.

Of course, you’re probably already trying to plug your bigger leaks with promises and discounts, but—let’s be honest about this—last-minute rescue efforts rarely make much difference. No surprise: What customers really want is evidence that you understand their individual goals and can deliver the programs and tools that will support long-term success.

And I think I can help you deliver on this challenge.

My name is Mark Flanagan, and I’m the founder and CEO of Twin Peaks Research. We specialize in developing customer success strategies across the full range of the customer journey—from acquisition, to activation, to onboarding and training, and on to long-term engagement. We’ve just launched a new fast-track service aimed specifically at “leaky bucket” retention issues that I’d like to tell you about.

Here’s what this new service will provide:

  • Custom assessment: We’ll start by listening to you describe your current retention efforts, goals, and metrics. If you don’t have good metrics and good onboarding and training materials, that’s okay: The point of this assessment phase is to help us figure out what you need most and what your priorities are.
  • Internal interviews: We’ll conduct a series of one-on-one interviews with up to ten internal stakeholders who are involved in key aspects of your retention program. Based on what we’ve learned during the custom assessment phase, we’ll explore what these stakeholders feel are major retention problems and what priority fixes they feel should be implemented. We’ll record these interviews and provide transcripts for discussion purposes.
  • External interviews: We’ll also conduct up to six interviews with former customers who have agreed to discuss why they didn’t renew their contracts. Again, we’ll record these interviews and provide transcripts.
  • Recommendations: Finally, we’ll provide a Powerpoint presentation that identifies high-priority issues and summarizes ideas that emerged during the interviews.

Scope: Depending on the availability of the interview participants, the complete project will take an estimated three weeks to complete. The price is $5,000 all-inclusive.

Interested? I’d be delighted to answer questions and tell you more about our new service. Just give me a call (508-922-7605) or send me an email ( and we’ll set up a Zoom meeting at your convenience. You can also learn more about Twin Peaks Research on the Web (

I look forward to talking with you soon.