10 Signs of Trouble

Micah Solomon, who consults on customer service problems, has put together his top ten list of avoidable issues that cause customers to leave.

Here is a bare-bones summary of his list, and if any of these sounds suspiciously interesting to you, better read the full article:

  1. You haven’t kept up with changing customer expectations of speed.  
  2. You don’t offer customers the self-service they’ve grown accustomed to elsewhere.
  3. You haven’t improved your return policies and guarantees to keep up with the times.
  4. You don’t offer the time flexibility that your customers want today.
  5. Your quality has stayed the same but the game has changed. 
  6. Your customers don’t think you care anymore. 
  7. The little things in your business feels  a bit musty, a bit dated. 
  8. Your hiring standards are slipping. 
  9. You don’t really notice your work, or your place of work, anymore...
  10.  Grit has accumulated over time, in your relationship with the customer.

Notice that many of these have to do with slow, hard-to-notice changes over time. Others have to do with the constantly changing nature of techology. (How long has the smart phone been around?)

Again, there is much more meat on the bones of the full article than our bare-bones summary. Take a look.