4 Ways to Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences (or 72% of Them May Leave)

B2C, or Business2Community, has published an article with four essential ways to keep customers, and some statistics to back up the importance of keeping your customers happy.

You work hard to GET your customers, but if, for reasons you didn't predict, they have a bad experience - they won't be back in 72% of cases.

Here is a short summary of B2C's four ways to KEEP your customers:

  1. Integrate Your Data
    If a call center gets one stream of data, and a email service a different stream, it is critical to combine those in a meaningful way.
  2. Analyze Your Data
    It "ain't enough" to gather the data: you have to sort through and look for meaningful patterns
  3. Personalize Experiences
    Personalized information really does work better and this does not mean just adding the recipient's name to email; it means sending them emails that are relevant to start with, it means recommending products that are logically connected to their shopping experience
  4. Create a Customer Journey Map
    This technique makes it easier to understand the process that your customer went through, from bad to good or from good to bad. 

There is a lot more to learn and good info graphics to see in the full article at B2C.

Customer Data
Journey Map