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Mark D. Flanagan • May 16, 2016 • churn, profit


David Skok has posted an extended article about reducing churn by keeping customers happy. He sets the stage nicely: "Because most startups are created by passionate product people, they tend to fall in love with their product and its features. Often this means that they lose touch with the simple messaging around business benefits."

It does take extra effort to reach out and really understand your client's needs, business model, and best ways to make use of your product or service. It may not always pay to make...

Mark D. Flanagan • February 27, 2016 • onboarding, churn

B2C, short for Business to Community, has a article about ways to decrease customer churn. Their five recommendations might seem obvious, but I bet in the "heat of battle" these solid ideas get lost. In summary, they are:

  1. Understand Product Usage Patterns
    What is the customer really doing with the system?
  2. Watch for Organizational Changes
    The guy you trained is gone!
  3. Build Relationships High and Wide
    See the last point.
  4. Improve the Onboarding Process
    Don't set it...