5 Tips to Start New Customer Relationships Off Right with Email

Seamus Egan, over at Huffington Post, has published five tips to starting off marketing relationships right, because as he points out in his first sentence, you only get once chance at first impressions.

Here is our quick summary, below is link the full story if you are hungry for more:

  1. Fast. Send something good right away to stay fresh in the minds of customers and prospects.
  2. Customize. Somehow who responds to a newsletter perhaps should get a different email from someone who came to you via social media. 
  3. Provide filters. Allow your recipients to filter what topics they want to hear about, and which not.
  4. Personalize. If they bought cat allergy medicine, don't send them cat product announcements.
  5. Send smart. "Target your customers with more or fewer emails based on their actions or inactions."

There is more meat on the bones in the full article.