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THE FIRST DAYS and weeks of a B2B relationship are critical toward driving customer satisfaction and building value. Companies must boost their customer understanding, fully align their functional groups, and improve communications in order to succeed during the onboarding period. And those achievements require appropriate investment. If your firm just gained a new business-to-business customer, a strong focus on performance in the first days or weeks of serving that customer can boost the lifetime value of the relationship. However, B2B product and service providers often fail to truly...

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What happens when a customer signs up for your product or service?

A lot of people think that that moment—the signup—is when they’ve “won” the customer.


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David Skok has published another detailed article about the advantages of free trials and freemiums, and more so about how to maximize the effectiveness of these methods.

Our highly shortened summary of his article...

"Wow! is the moment in a free trial where your buyer suddenly sees the benefit they get from using your product, and says to themselves “Wow! This is great!”.  It’s also the moment where you have converted them into a fan who is likely to buy."

We've all had that moment and want to give our prospects that experience.

But there is a lot of...