Mark D. Flanagan • February 27, 2016 • onboarding, support

Iridize posted an informative slideshow (via Slideshare) about 4 Successful Onboarding Strategies. They point out that finding the right balance is not easy, since customers don't always understand the complexity of what they have bought into, plus different customer have hugely different needs for support. Sounds like going into a store to buy something: how much help should the salesperson give? We have all suffered from no help at all, as well as way too much help.

So one key to successful onboarding is to supply the right amount of help.

The presentation goes on to make...

Mark D. Flanagan • January 27, 2016 • onboarding

Sixteen Ventures has a good article about the secret to onboarding. They emphasize the fact that success for the vendor (usually a payment) is NOT the same as success for their customer. They strongly suggest that vendors focus on the "desired outcome" that their customer's expect. And there is no better way to know that than to ask the customer.

They also point out that "...there’s still no universal definition of a fully-onboarded customer; it’s simply different for every company." Which is another reason to find out what the customer's definition of "fully onboarded" and work...