Client Testimonials

"In-depth Customer Success expertise and extensive SaaS software experience"

We began working with Twin Peaks Research during Q1 2020 to develop a Customer Success Priority Map for our company. Armored Things is an early-stage start-up that operates within the crowd intelligence space. We needed to be sure, given our early stage and the complexity of our product, that our CS strategy and key priorities were understood and embraced by everyone in the organization that was in a customer-facing role. Mark Flanagan and his associates worked closely with me to set the parameters for the project and to develop a comprehensive questionnaire for our key personnel to complete. They interviewed each participant to ensure that their responses were understood and accurately represented. The responses to the questionnaires and follow-up interviews were then used to develop a comprehensive report that outlined their key findings and highlighted the prioritized CS initiatives.

This project not only showcased the background and expertise that Mark and his staff have from a Customer Success perspective but also the extensive experience they have from an overall SaaS software operation perspective as well. In my opinion, every company, large or small, would benefit from developing their own CS Priority Map; and, I can strongly recommend working with Twin Peaks Research to accomplish this.

Adam Whitfield
Director of Customer Success
Armored Things

“Professionalism and expertise...”

Mark Flanagan and his staff at Twin Peaks Research engaged with Corvium in Q3 2018 to assess our Customer Success process and team. This led to a full re-structuring of our CS function, including our approach to customer onboarding, retention, and revenue expansion. This project helped us increase inter-company collaboration and address customer care and development priorities.

The success of the first engagement led us to expand our relationship with Mark and Twin Peaks. We have now launched a second project that is focused on developing a comprehensive training strategy and implementation plan for all of our customers, partners, and employees. The implementation of the new training strategy will coincide with the introduction of CONTROL-PRO, our innovative food risk intelligence platform that enables food producers to carefully monitor food safety and dramatically reduce food contamination risks.

Throughout our entire experience with Mark and his team, we have been impressed with their professionalism and expertise as well as their understanding of how to put that to work for our benefit. Most importantly, Mark does not work within a silo--he and the team fully consider and address the impact of Customer Success on the operations of Corvium as a whole.

David Hatch
Chief Strategy and Growth Officer

“In-depth understanding of SaaS financial metrics...”

I have been advising a Cloud-based, SaaS software company in the cybersecurity space. Mark Flanagan's in-depth understanding of SaaS financial metrics has enabled me to analyze the company's performance and then recommend necessary changes. In addition, he has advised me on the practical aspects of designing, implementing, and maintaining an onboarding and retention program that would increase the company's long-term success. Mark's support and recommendations have always aligned with the unique challenges and opportunities we have. There's no question that I would call on Mark and Twin Peaks Research again if I needed expert advice related to Customer Success.

Gregory Hunt
Chief Financial Officer
Apollo Investment Corporation

“Critical feedback...”

We began working with Mark Flanagan and Twin Peaks Research during the Beta phase of our development effort (the Plannuh platform provides marketing professionals with a smarter way to build, manage, and maintain their plans and budgets ). Through Mark's efforts we were able to 1) gather critical feedback on the final Beta version of Plannuh, 2) develop an in-depth profile of the prospects who were responding to our marketing efforts, 3) refine our overall approach to onboarding and subscription activation, and 4) deliver Plannuh v1. Based on the expertise that Mark and his staff provided, we are now prepared to move forward with our customer development efforts.

There's no question that we would call on Twin Peaks Research again to help us with our onboarding, retention, and revenue expansion efforts.

Peter Mahoney
Chief Executive Officer
Plannuh, Inc.

“Onboarding, retention, and revenue expansion”

Mark Flanagan is a talented and experienced software and technology professional. He is especially knowledgeable about the overall Customer Success process including onboarding, retention, and revenue expansion. If you need assistance in these areas, I'd recommend that you contact Twin Peaks Research about the Customer Success services they can provide.

Richard Rabins
Co-founder and CEO
Alpha Software Corporation